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Child Car Seat Safety - Good Egg Virtual Consultations

The next virtual consultation date is Wednesday 27th January - Only residents in Scotland can book this consultation date. BOOK NOW.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Experience the drama of a 360 country drive... but remember to stay focused on the road.

THINK! road safety: Horses

Car drivers and horse riders both have a right to use the road. By considering each others' needs and following some basic advice, drivers and riders can help avoid accidents involving horses on the road.
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Educational information from Road Safety Scotland

Early Years

Information for early years from Road Safety Scotland

Primary School

Information for primary schools from Road Safety Scotland

Secondary School

Information for Secondary schools from Road Safety Scotland

Educational Support

Educational support from Road Safety Scotland
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Here you will find data and target information.


Scottish Road Safety Targets to 2020


Summaries of progression within Dumfries and Galloway towards the 2020 targets.
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